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We are experts in drafting, preparing, and filing original utility patent applications for inventions across the range of technological arts and in myriad industries, from robotics and artificial intelligence, to fintech and blockchain, semiconductors and semiconductor processing, navigation systems, telecommunications, chemicals and chemical manufacturing, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals, and more. We also have deep experience preparing and filing design patent applications to protect inventive ornamental designs in numerous industries.

Our Patent Application Center and dedicated support team leverage technology and well-honed internal processes and procedures to handle preparation, review, and filing of new patent applications, and timely processing of instructions and confirmation of filings.

We are experts in preparing and filing U.S. applications based on foreign applications. Our foreign law firm partners and corporate law department clients rest assured that our systems and practices deliver consistent quality and timeliness. Our Patent Application Center and professional team have deep experience in servicing large patent portfolios and meeting demanding quality, filing, and grant goals for technology clients.  


Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our client's satisfaction in service and we promise full transparency in fees.

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