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We work with inventors and business owners to protect inventions and counsel on the tools used to accomplish protection in a way that furthers business goals.  We are experienced and skilled in utility patent, design patent, and plant patent protection.  We help our clients understand when trade secret protection is realistic and appropriate. 


Clients rely on us to draft strong and valuable patent applications and to develop cost-effective patent filing strategies for portfolio building and maintenance. Our extensive experience litigating utility patent cases and design patent cases for both patent owners and accused infringers provides a unique perspective we consider invaluable for delivering patents that can be licensed, enforced, and withstand post-grant validity attacks. 


We leverage rich experience and success prosecuting thousands of patent applications to achieve results quickly and effectively for minimum costs.  We know what it takes to work with the U.S. Patent Trademark Office examiners to bring a patent from filing to grant with valuable claims that can withstand defense against validity attacks after grant.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our client's satisfaction in service and we promise full transparency in fees.

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