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Maximize the Value of Your Intellectual Property

The CASTELLANO intellectual property law firm is committed to developing strong, comprehensive intellectual property strategies that create powerful and sustainable economic value for clients. In today's fast-paced business environment, patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are among an organization's most valuable assets. We are dedicated to helping maximize the protection, management and economic value of ideas and innovations—and turning them into powerful tools for competing in a global market. 

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Ensure Optimum IP Competitive Advantage and Revenue Generation

Our attorneys have extensive intellectual property legal expertise, significant technical knowledge, and industry-specific professional experience. This blend of abilities ensures that we quickly grasp your inventions and other intellectual property material, as well as understand the complex interactions between product technology, IP law, and your industry. We'll represent you in all aspects of managing your intellectual property to ensure that they are properly developed and positioned for optimum competitive advantage and revenue generation.

Achieve Your IP Goals at Each Stage of Growth and Development

Another of our firm's strengths is that our senior-level intellectual property attorneys actually complete the work on your IP matters directly, communicate and collaborate with your inventors and scientists, and remain intimately involved with you throughout your project. These hands-on working relationships with high-level advisors mean that you gain trusted partners who help you achieve your strategic and financial IP goals at each stage of your growth and development.

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Obtain Easy Access, Efficiencies and Reduced IP Costs

It's more efficient to practice in Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, DC, where major IP forums are located.  We have easy access to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and federal district courts where we practice regularly.  We are also convenient to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where we are registered practitioners and where some of us were patent examiners. We can file documents and perform searches, facilitate and expedite processes via personal conferences, and appeal patent claim rejections to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board at the USPTO.  We are also minutes from international airports, which is convenient for hosting clients and traveling for cases and meetings with clients the world over. Lower overhead, combined with the efficiencies of easy access and seasoned experts, reduces our costs. We pass the savings along to you.

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Legal Services

We're committed to securing strong, licensable, and enforceable intellectual property rights for our clients to help them succeed in a global market. To meet their objectives across a broad spectrum of issues related to U.S. and foreign patents, international patent applications, trademarks, and copyrights, we provide the following services:

 Business Counseling

- Brand Protection
- Advertising
- Commercial Litigation
- Corporate Go
- Due Diligence
Invention Mining
- IP Monetization
- IP Portfolio Audits
- Technology Transactions; Intellectual Property Licensing
- Trade Secret

IP Portfolio & Strategy Counseling 

- Copyright Counseling and Registration
- Trademark Counse
ling and Registration
- Trademark Application Preparation, Filing, Prosecution
- Trademark Application Appeals
- Patent Counseling and Invention Counseling
- Patent Application Drafti
ng, Filing Prosecution
- Patent Application Appeals
- Patent Portfolio Planning and Development
- Patentability Counseling and Opinions

Trial & Litigation Practice

- USPTO Patent Proceedings: Inter Partes
Reviews, Post-Grant Reviews, Ex Parte Reexamination, Reissues, Appeals, PTAB Trial Practice 
- USPTO Trademark Proceedings: Trademark Oppositions, Trademark Cancellations, Appeals, TTAB Trial Practice
- Patent Non-Infringement, Invalidity Counseling and Opinions
- Negotiation, Licensing, Enforcement
- Patent Litigation

- Administrative and Federal Court Litigation
- Jury and Bench Trials
- Federal District Court Cases
- Federal Circuit Appeals
- US International Trade Commission Cases

Your Technology; Your Industry

- Serving clients ranging from start-ups to established and growing companies to Fortune 100 high technology innovators
- Proven capability and experience across the range of technological arts, engineering disciplines, and invention categories: chemical, biotech, mechanical, electrical, designs, plants 

- Serving a diverse range of industries including automotive, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, computer and software, fintech and blockchain, medical devices and medical service platforms, aerospace, watercraft, packaging, shipping, printing, polymers and chemicals, electrical power distribution systems, telecommunications, electronics and high technology, pharma and life sciences, nanotechnology

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