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CASTELLANO is a full service intellectual property law firm with experience across the range of industries and technologies. Our practice includes patent, trademark, and copyright law. Clients depend on our consistently high quality of service, timeliness and responsiveness, and transparency in fees and charges.     

We understand the pressures and constraints on in-house legal departments, foreign law firms, and corporate technology centers. Our firm leverages technology-enhanced processes and a wealth of experience to deliver seamless service for a reasonable cost. Our Patent Application Center ensures timely communication of instructions and filing receipts, docketing of new application filings, and accurate and precise review and preparation of new U.S. original applications or foreign-based applications for filing in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


We are committed to protecting intellectual property and navigating the intellectual property of others to achieve a company's business goals. Our clients uniquely benefit from our full-service capability and experience: our registered patent attorneys are experienced litigators. And our litigators are registered patent attorneys, experienced prosecutors, and former U.S. Patent and Trademark Office examiners. We draft and prosecute patents designed to maximize chances of withstanding validity attacks after issuance, maximize asset value, and maximize utility for enforcement and licensing. 



Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our client's satisfaction in service and we promise full transparency in fees.

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